The Familiar of Zero

Familiar From Scratch Is A Japanese Fantasy Novel Series Written By Noboru Yamaguchi And Illustrated By Eiji Usatsuka. Media Factory Has Released 20 Volumes. The Series Remained Unfinished Due To The Death Of The Author In 2013, But Was Later Completed In Two Volumes With Another Author Using Notes Left By Yamaguchi.

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The Familiar of Zero

English Dub

Episodes – 01 – 13

Status – Completed

July 3, 2006 – September 25, 2006


The Plot Tells About Several Characters Of The Second Year Of The Magic Academy In A Fictional Wizarding World, The Main Characters Of Which Are The Inept Sorceress Louise And Her Friend From Earth Saito Hiraga.

Louise Françoise Le Blanc De La Vallière Is A Member Of The Nobility With An Awful Wizardry Of Magic, As Her Attempts Usually End In An Explosion. Her Classmates Nicknamed Her “Louise-Zero” Due To Her Inability To Use Any Of The Four Magical Elements.

At The Beginning Of The Academic Year At The Tristain Academy Of Magic, Second-year Students Perform A Special Ritual During Which They Summon Their Familiar, Who Serves As Their Eternal Companion, Protector And Partner And Is Usually Some Kind Of Magical Creature. But Louise Summons Saito Hiraga, An Ordinary Teenager From Japan, Leaving Her Completely Humiliated.

Due To The Sacredness Of The Ritual, Louise Reluctantly Accepts Saito As Her Familiar, But Continues To Treat Saito Like Any Other Familiar, Only Worse: Makes Him Wash Her Clothes, Sleep In The Hay And Whip Him Whenever He Upsets Her.

The Familiar Of Zero Follows The Adventures Of Louise And Saito As They Help Their Classmates And Friends, Sometimes Getting Into Situations Where They Risk Their Lives To Save Each Other And Tristain. Saito Tries To Find A Way To Return To Japan, But He Also Gains A Mysterious Power That Allows Him To Wield Swords And Other Weapons To Perform Heroic Deeds. Eventually, They Also Learn The Truth About Louise’s Magical Inability. As Saito And Louise’s Friendship Grows And They Start Working Together, They End Up Falling In Love.

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