The God of High School

The God of High School Is A South Korean Manhwa Released As A Webtoon, Written And Illustrated By Yong Jae Park. It Has Been Serialized On Naver Corporation’s Webtoon Platform Naver Webtoon Since April 2011, With Individual Chapters Compiled And Published By Imageframe Under Their Root Label Into A Single Volume As Of April 2020. The God Of High School Received An Official English Translation From Line Webtoon Starting In July 2014.

It Has Received A Mobile Game And An Original Short Web Animation Attached To The Original Soundtrack Of The Aforementioned Game. The Adaptation Of The Anime TV Series MAPPA Aired From July To September 2020.

The God of High School

Season – 01

English Dub

Total Episodes – 01 – 13

July 6, 2020 – September 28, 2020

In GOH The Action Takes Place With The Participation Of The Inhabitants Of Three Different Worlds – The Human Realm Is Mostly Inhabited By Humans And Is Identical To Our Known World. It Is The Least Powerful Realm, Followed By The Kingdom Of The Sages And Then The Kingdom Of Heaven At Its Highest.

The Realm Of The Sages (“World Of The Immortals / Sages”), Also Known As The Realm Of Demons, Taoist World Or Other World.
It Is Inhabited By Various Mythical Creatures, Spirits And Monsters Known As Demons Such As Dragons, Minotaurs, Phoenixes.

The Heavenly Realm (“Divine Peace”) Is The Last And Most Powerful Realm.
The Realm Of Heaven Is Home To Many Powerful Gods From Various Mythologies And Legends, Such As The Jade Emperor, Archangel Michael, Hercules So On.

At The Dawn Of Time, People, Demons And Gods Lived Together On Earth. The Gods Allowed Weak Humans To Borrow Their Powers By Creating The Borrowed Power Known As Charyok. So That They Could Defend Themselves Against The Demons Who Wanted To Rule Over Them.

Soon After The Defeat Of The Demons, The Gods Divided People, Demons And Gods Between The Three Realm. Since Then, People Have Been Free To Use The Borrowed Power, But Can not Attack The Gods With It.

Here The Main Protagonist Is Mori Jin, A 17-year-old Martial Artist From Seoul, South Korea. Early In The Story, He Is Invited To Join A Martial Arts Tournament Called “The God Of High School” (GOH).

Sponsored By A Shadow Corporation, The Event Brings Together High School People From All Over South Korea Regionally And Then Nationally To Select Three Representatives To Compete In The World Tournament. As A Prize, The Winner Receives An Unconditional Fulfillment Of His Wishes From The Host Company.

This Intrigues Mori, And As He Continues The Tournament, He Encounters Many Opponents, Each Fighting A Different Battle. In Addition To Martial Arts, Participants Fight Using Borrowed Power, Mystical Energy Bestowed By Supernatural Beings Such As Gods, Demons, Mythical Creatures Etc.

During The First Rounds, He Encounters Two Other Martial Arts Prodigies – Full Contact Karate Expert Devi Han And Swordmaster Mira Yu. The Two Will Become Friends With Mori After Fighting Him And After The Preliminary Rounds They Will Form A Korean Team. As The Preliminary Rounds Of The Tournaments End And The Teams Gather, Plans Are For Many Different People In The Organization, And Those Who Oppose Them Begin To Take Steps To Achieve Their Goals.

The God Of High School Is Truly An Amazing Anime Series To Watch. After I Completely Watch The Series It Became One Of My Favorite Anime Series, In My Opinion, Trust Me Guys You Surely Gonna Like This So I Recommend You All To Watch The Anime Series.

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