Valkyrie Drive

  • Valkyrie Drive
  • Varukirī Doraivu
  • ヴァルキリードライヴ

Valkyrie Drive Anime Plot Story

Each Of The Series Revolves Around Girls Who Have Been Infected With A Mysterious Virus Known As The A-virus. These Girls Are Divided Into Two Classes, Extras, Who Can Turn Into Weapons When Sexually Aroused, And Liberators, Who Have The Ability To Wield The Extar Weapon Form Known As Liberator Arms Through A Process Known As Drive.

Anime  Classroom of the Elite

These Girls Are Brought To Separate Islands To Spend Their Days In Complete Isolation From The Rest Of The World, Until The Island’s Observers, Commissioned By The Government Agency Aaa, Allegedly Find Them Ready To Reunite With Society.

The Mermaid Follows An Extar Named Mamori Tokonome, Who Forms A Partnership With The Liberator Mirei Shikishima. Bhikhuni Follows Two Sisters, Rinka And Ranka Kagurazaka, Who Are Infected With A Variant Of The A Virus Known As The Virus.