Vinland Saga (Vinrando Saga)

Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • Vinland Saga
  • Vinrando Saga
  • ヴィンランド・サガ

Vinland Saga Anime Plot In English

Young Thorfinn Grew Up Listening To The Stories Of Old Sailors Who Traveled The Ocean And Reached The Place Of Legend, Vinland. It Is Said To Be A Warm And Fertile Place Where There Would Be No Need To Fight – Not At All Like The Frozen Village In Iceland Where He Was Born, And Certainly Not Like His Current Life As A Mercenary.

War Is Now His Home. Although His Father Once Told Him: “You Have No Enemies, No One Has. There Is No One To Offend. Growing Up, Thorfinn Knew That Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth.

The War Between England And The Danes Is Escalating Every Year. Death Has Become Commonplace, And The Viking Mercenaries Love It Every Minute. An Alliance On Both Sides Will Cause Serious Fluctuations In The Balance Of Power, And The Vikings Will Be Happy To Make Names For Themselves And Take The Booty They Earn.

Amidst The Chaos, Thorfinn Must Take Revenge And Kill Askeladd, The Man Who Killed His Father. It Seems That The Only Paradise For Vikings Is A Raging Era Of War And Death.

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