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  • Vaioretto Evāgāden
  • ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン

Violet Evergarden Anime Plot Story

Violet Evergarden Anime Plot Story

Violet Evergarden Anime Episodes

No.Episode TitlePlot Story
1“I Love You” and Auto Memory DollsViolet Is A Soldier In The Army Of Leidenscaftlich, Who Served Under The Command Of Major Gilbert Bougainville, To Whom She Is Immensely Devoted. However, Violet Is Injured After A Mission In Which She Lost Her Arms And Had To Be Replaced With Prostheses. Colonel Hodgins, An Old Acquaintance Of Gilbert’s, Comes For Violet.

He Explains To Violet That The War They Fought Is Over And Peace Has Come, Although He Doesn’t Want To Tell Violet What Happened To Gilbert. They Leave For The Capital Leiden, Where Gilbert Has Already Agreed To Violet’s Adoption By The Evergarden Family. However, Violet Is Unable To Adjust To Civilian Life Due To Her Military Upbringing. Hodgins Then Decides To Show Violet His Business, The Ch Postal Company, Which Operates As A Private Mail And Third-party Letter Service, And Hires Her As A Postal Worker.

She Then Witnesses The Automatic Memory Dolls From The Ghost Writing Department Write A Letter To An Illiterate Person Who Wants To Confess Their Love To Someone. Violet Then Remembers That “I Love You” Were The Last Words Gilbert Said To Her. Wanting To Know The Meaning Of The Words, Violet Asks Hodgins To Join The Ghost Writing Department. Impressed That Violet Has Finally Shown Signs That She Is Acting Of Her Own Accord Rather Than Someone Else’s Orders, Hodgins Accepts Violet’s Request, Despite The Fact That She Is Not An Automatic Memory Doll.
2Never Coming BackViolet Joins The Ghost Writing Department And Meets Its Members: Veteran Cattel And Two Newcomers Erica And Iris. Under Catteli’s Guidance, Violet Begins To Learn As A Puppet With Automatic Memory, Quickly Mastering The Typewriter. However, Despite Her Technical Skills, Violet Still Doesn’t Understand Emotion.

It Comes To Mind When She Suggests Writing A Romantic Letter That Ultimately Provokes The Anger Of Both The Recipient And The Client. Erica Then Tells Violet About Her Motives For Becoming A Doll, But Relents When Violet Tells Her That She Wants To Know The Meaning Of The Words “I Love You.” Iris Invites Hodgins To Fire Violet, But Erica Comes To Her Defense, Motivated In Part By Her Own Insecurity That She Is The Real Doll.

Hodgins Decides Not To Fire Violet And Gives Her A New Uniform, As Well As A Brooch That Gilbert Originally Gave Violet, Which Hodgins Managed To Get Back. Violet Was Delighted With The Return Of The Brooch And Agreed To Take A Course In Doll Training. That Night, Hodgins Confesses To Cattleya That He Was A Friend Of Gilbert And That Gilbert “will Never Return.”
3May You Be an Exemplary Auto Memory DollViolet Attends Auto Memory Doll School To Become A Real Doll. There She Meets And Befriends A Girl Named Luculia Marlborough. The Next Day, Violet And Luculia Are Instructed To Train With Each Other. However, Instructor Rodante Is Not Impressed With The Way Violet The Ghost Wrote A Letter To Luculia, Informing Her That Letters Are A Tool For Conveying A Person’s Feelings, And This Letter, Which She Wrote As A Ghost, Was Unacceptable.

Luculia Decides To Take Violet To Her Favorite Place In The Bell Tower To Show Her A View, And It Turns Out That Luculia’s Brother Is Limping From The War And Is Now A Drunkard. However, Violet Does Not Cover The Distance, And Luculia Finishes With The Highest Marks. Luculia Meets Violet Again And Invites The Ghost To Write A Letter To Gilbert, But Violet Cannot Find Words To Say.

Luculia Then Tells Violet How Her Parents Died In The War, And Her Brother Feels Guilty About Not Being Able To Protect Them. She Wants To Tell Her Brother That She Is Just Glad That He Is Alive And At Home, But She Also Cannot Find Words To Say. Influenced By Luculia’s Words, Violet Manages To Write A Short And Concise Letter That Effectively Conveys Luculia’s Feelings To Her Brother. After Being Shown The Letter, The Instructor Rodante Allows Violet To Finish School, While Luculia Helps Her Brother Climb To The Top Of The Bell Tower To Enjoy The View As They Used To When They Were Children.
4You Won’t Be a Tool, but a Person Worthy of that NameIris Receives A Personal Text-writing Request From Her Hometown, But Accidentally Injures Her Hand. As A Result, Violet Travels With Her To Help Her With The Letter. Upon Arrival, Iris Is Greeted By Her Parents, And Her Mother Reveals That She Was The One Who Sent The Request To Get Iris To Return To Celebrate Her Birthday.

However, Iris Gets Upset When Her Mother Confesses That She Wants To Use The Party As A Way To Find Her Fan. While Violet Writes Party Invitations, Iris Specifically Asks Her Not To Send An Invitation To A Person Named Emonn Snow, But Violet Sends The Invitation Anyway. When Emonn Appears At The Party, Iris Angrily Retreats To Her Room. Violet Then Talks To Iris To Find Out What Happened, And Iris Tells Her That Emonn Was Her Childhood Crush, But He Rejected Her Confession. Emotional Pain Caused By Emonn’s Refusal Forced Her To Leave Her Hometown To Become A Doll.

This Makes Violet Realize That A Declaration Of Love Like Gilbert’s Took A Lot Of Courage. Violet Then Helps Iris Write Letters Of Apology To All The Guests Of The Party As Well As Her Parents. Iris’s Parents, Moved By The Letter, Allow Her To Continue Working As A Doll. On The Way Back To Leiden, Iris Tells Violet That Her Parents Named Her After The Flower Of The Same Name, As She Was Born When They Were In Full Bloom. This Triggers A Flashback Of Violet, Who Recalls That Gilbert Named Her After The Flower Of The Same Name.
5You Write Letters That Bring People Together?At The Request Of The Military, Violetta Travels To The Kingdom Of Drossel To Write A Public Love Letter To Her Princess Charlotte Damian, The Prince Of The Neighboring Kingdom Of Flugel. Violet’s Mission Is Critical, As Chock And Flugel Were Previously Enemies In The War And Are Getting Married To Secure The Terms Of A Peace Treaty.

Despite The Fact That Charlotte Is Worried About The Wedding, Violet Writes A Love Letter, And Damian Writes A Letter In Return, But Charlotte Does Not Seem To Be Satisfied With This. Charlotte Later Confesses To Violet That She Met Damian And Fell In Love With Him When She First Met Him, As He Treated Her Like A Person And Not Like A Potential Wife. However, She Is Not Sure If Damian Is Reacting To Her Feelings Or Not, As She Could Tell That The Letter He Returned Did Not Contain Any Emotion.

Then Violet Comes To Mind And Arranges With Damian’s Doll So That Charlotte And Damian Write Their Own Letters To Each Other. A Hot But Passionate Correspondence Begins Between Them, Covering Everyone In Both Kingdoms. The Wedding Continues As Planned While Violet And Cattleya, Damian’s Doll, Return To Leiden, Although Cattleya Notices Violet’s Smile. Upon Her Return, Violet Meets Gilbert’s Brother Dietfried, Who Expresses Disbelief In How She Became A Doll And Reminds Her That She Has Killed Countless People, Including Many Of His People.
6Somewhere, Under a Starry SkyViolet, Along With Other Dolls, Arrives At The Sheher Observatory To Help Scientists Make Copies Of A Number Of Rare Books. Violet Is Paired With A Young Scientist Named Leon, Who Initially Dislikes Her And Dolls In General. However, He Is Impressed With How Fast She Works And Begins To Soften When He Sees That She Doesn’t Give A Damn About His Fatherhood Or Raising An Orphan.

He Invites Violet To See Ellie’s Comet With Him, Which Appears Only Once Every Two Hundred Years, And She Agrees. As The Two Gaze At The Stars, Leon Explains That His Father Was Also A Scientist At The Observatory, But Disappeared During The Expedition. His Mother Then Left Home To Find Him, But She Never Came Back Either, Which Made Leon Resent Them And The Concept Of Love. Violet Then Tells Leon That She Has No Known Blood Relatives, But Is Completely Devoted To Gilbert.

It Is Then That Leon Realizes That Violet Is In Love With Gilbert. The Next Morning, Violet Is About To Leave As Her Work Is Complete. Leon Accompanies Her And Says That Instead Of Waiting At The Observatory For His Parents’ Return, He Will Start Traveling The World, Like Violet, In Search Of Them. As Violet Leaves, Leon Wonders If He Will Ever Meet Her Again.
7「 」Violet Helps Renowned Writer Oscar Webster Write His Next Play. However, She Arrives And Finds Him A Drunken Hermit. Violet Manages To Convince Oscar To Quit Drinking While They Work, And They Begin Writing A Play. The Play Tells The Story Of A Girl Named Olive, Who Uses Her Powers To Summon Magical Spirits To Defeat The Beast, But Sacrifices Her Abilities And Finds Herself Far From Home And Her Father.

Violet Wonders How The Story Will End, Which Oscar Has Not Yet Decided On. Violet Then Finds An Umbrella, Which Infuriates Oscar. He Then Confesses To Violet That He Based Olive On His Daughter Olivia, Who Died Of An Illness, And Tries To Write The Play As A Way To Deal With His Grief Over Her Loss. Violet Then Inspires Oscar To Think About Olive Using Her Magic Umbrella To Fly Home. Oscar Resigns Himself To The Death Of His Daughter And Thanks, Violet.

On The Way Home, Violet Begins To Regret The People She Killed During The War, Wondering How Many Happy Endings She Could Have Prevented. Upon Returning To Leiden, Violet Learns From Mrs. Evergarden That Gilbert Is Dead And Confronts Hodgins. He Admits That After Their Last Mission, Neither Gilbert Nor His Body Could Be Found, But His Tokens Were Found, Leading The Army To Presume Him Dead. Violet Denies Gilbert’s Death And Escapes From The Post Office In Trouble.
8Violet Goes To The Military Headquarters To Learn From Dietfried The Truth About Gilbert’s Fate, And He Confirms That He Is Dead. Still Denying This, Violet Travels To Gilbert’s Mansion, Where She Finds His Grave. Back At The Post Office, Hodgins Leaves To Find Violet.

Violet Then Begins To Reminisce About Her Past With Gilbert, Which Began When Dietfried Handed Her Over To His Command When She Was A Child Soldier. Despite His Desire To Raise Violet As An Ordinary Girl, The Superiors Force Gilbert To Put Her On The Front Lines Because Of Her Fighting Abilities. Purple Plays An Important Role In Winning Many Key Battles. During This Time, Gilbert Gave Violet Her Name And Taught Her To Read And Write, And In The End, Bought Her A Brooch As A Gift.

After Some Time, Gilbert’s Detachment Is Tasked With Organizing An Attack On The Enemy’s Headquarters, The Success Of Which Could Mean The End Of The War. Gilbert’s Unit Suffers Heavy Casualties During The Assault, But They Can Capture The Headquarters And Signal The Main Forces To Attack. However, As Soon As Gilbert Sends The Signal, Enemy Soldiers Shoot At Him, Shocking Violet.
9Violet EvergardenViolet Tries To Carry The Injured Gilbert To Safety, But Is Shot By A Grenade, Which Results In The Loss Of Both Arms. Gilbert Tells Violet To Leave Without Him And Finally Tells Her That He Loves Her, But She Doesn’t Understand His Words. Defeated, The Enemy Army Bombarded Their Headquarters, And Gilbert Sacrifices His Life To Take Violet To Safety.

Violet Is Now Returning To The Scene Of The Battle To Find Gilbert. Hodgins Then Arrives And Tells Her That Gilbert Has Entrusted Her Care To Him In Case Anything Happens To Gilbert. Violet Returns To The Post Office With Hodgins, But Refuses To Do Any Other Work, Harassing Her Colleagues. In Her Grief, Violet Tries To Commit Suicide, But Cannot Cope With It.

Helping Roland Deliver The Letters And After Reading The Letter That Erica And Iris Sent Her, Violet Realizes That Receiving The Letter Can Bring Joy To Someone. She Returns To Work, Starting With A Letter To Spencer, Luculia’s Brother. Violet Returns To The Post Office And Asks Hodgins If It Is Really Possible To Live With A Person Like Her. Hodgins Replies That What She Did In The War Can Never Be Undone, But This Also Applies To All The Good Deeds She Did As An Automatic Memory Doll.
10A Loved One Will Always Watch Over YouViolet Arrives At The Mansion Where A Young Girl Named Anne Lives With Her Wealthy But Sickly Mother. Anna’s Mother Hired Violet For Seven Days To Write Letters, But Anna Is Not Told What The Letters Are About Or Who They Are For. Additionally, Anne Is Distrustful And Fascinated By Violet As She Mistakenly Considers Her To Be A Real Living Doll Due To Her Prostheses.

Over The Next Week, Anne Comes For Violet, But Cannot Accept Being Separated From Her Mother While The Letters Are Being Written. After Anna’s Outburst Of Anger, Violet Manages To Calm Anna Down And Convince Her Not To Blame Herself For Her Mother’s Illness. The Letters Are Written, Violet Leaves, And Eventually The Mother Dies.

After That, Anne Begins To Receive Letters From Her Mother Written By Violet And Eventually Grows Up To Start A Family Of Her Own. Back At The Post Office, Violet Informs Her Colleagues That Letters Will Be Delivered To Anna On Her Birthdays Over The Next Fifty Years, And Is Overwhelmed With Emotion At The Thought Of Anna Having To Live Alone After Her Mother’s Death.
11I Don’t Want Anybody Else to DieThe CH Postal Company Receives A Request For A Doll From Neighboring Country Ktrigal, However, The Country Is In A State Of Civil War Between Warmongers And Moderates. A Request From A Soldier Fighting On The Front Lines, But Out Of Danger, Hodgins Denies The Request.

Violet Overhears And Travels To Trigal To Find A Client, Aidan Field. Aidan Fights For The Moderate Faction, But His Squad Is Destroyed By The Enemy And He Is Badly Wounded. Violet Flies In By Parachute And Saves Him. Believing That He Is Mortally Wounded, Aidan Forces Violet To Write Farewell Letters To His Parents And His Childhood Friend Maria, Confessing His Love To Her.

When The Letters Are Ready, Violet Consoles Aidan In His Last Moments As He Imagines Reuniting With Maria. Violet Delivers Letters To Aidan And Maria’s Parents. Despite Being Saddened By Aidan’s Death, They Thank Violet For Delivering His Last Letters To Them. Violet Then Cries, Apologizing For Not Being Able To Protect Aidan.
12Dietfried Is Ordered To Protect A Special Envoy Who Will Travel To The Conference To Sign A Peace Treaty That Will Officially End The War. Meanwhile, The Rebel Anti-peace Faction, Led By General Merkulov, Plans To Ambush The Envoy To Thwart Peace Talks.

Cattleya And Benedict Accompany The Envoy As They Board The Train To The City Of Dystery. Meanwhile, Violet, Returning From Ktrigal, Notices Several Fires Near The Railroad. Upon Learning That Cattleya Is On The Train, Violet Decides To Accompany Them For Protection. However, The Rebels Opposing The World Have Already Entered The Train And, After It Leaves The Station, Are Attacking.

Violet Tries To Fight Back, But Is Held Back By Her Refusal To Kill Anyone. Dietfried Rescues Violet, Though He Blames Her For Gilbert’s Death And Says She Has No Reason To Live. Violet Counters That Gilbert’s Last Order Was To Keep Her Alive And That She Regrets Not Being Able To Protect Gilbert. At This Point, The Rebel Fires A Rifle Grenade At Dietfried, But Violet Deflects The Grenade With Her Prosthetic Arms.
13Auto Memory Doll and “I Love You”Violet Continues To Protect Dietfried, Losing One Arm In The Process. However, The Train Approaches The Bridge, And General Merkulov Reveals That The Bridge Was Designed To Explode As A Backup Plan Before Jumping Off The Train. Violet And Benedict Go Off To Shoot Bombs, And Violet Sacrifices Her Other Hand In The Process. With A Safe Envoy, The Party Continues Peace Negotiations, At Which Leidenskaftlich And Gadariki Formally Sign A Peace Treaty To End The War.

Returning To Leiden, After Peace Has Been Established, A Popular Event Called The Airshow Is Revived, In Which Letters Are Loaded Onto Planes And Sent Into The Sky To Rain Down The Entire Country. While Violet’s Colleagues Write Letters, Cattleya Invites Her To Write A Letter To Gilbert. However, Violet Cannot Find Words To Say. Dietfried Then Invites Her To Visit Him And Gilbert’s Mother. She Assures Violet That She Doesn’t Blame Her For Gilbert’s Death, And That He Lives In Her Heart, Even If The Memories Are Painful. When Violet Leaves, Dietfried Notes That She Has Become Completely Independent Thanks To Gilbert’s Teachings.

Inspired, Violet Writes A Letter To Gilbert To Attend The Air Show. In It, She Tells Gilbert How She Has Learned A Lot, Like A Doll With An Automatic Memory, And That She Plans To Continue Living In The Hope Of Meeting Him Again So That She Can Tell Him That She Now Understands The Words “I Love You.” … “a Little More. Thanks To This, She Finally Comes To Terms With The Loss Of Gilbert, Although She Chooses To Believe That He Is Still Alive. The Next Day, Violet Receives A New Letter Request And Returns To Work, Introducing Herself To Her Client.
14Surely, Someday You Will Understand “Love” (OVA)Between The Events Of Episodes 4 And 5, Violet Hires Irma, A Famous Opera Singer, To Write Her A Letter About The Missing Soldier. However, Irma’s Requests For A Letter Are Vague And Complex, Which Prevents Violet From Writing A Letter That Would Satisfy Her, Despite Numerous Rewrites. Irma’s Conductor, Ardu, Then Reveals That Irma Is Actually Trying To Use Violet To Write The Lyrics For The Song She Plans To Use In Her Next Opera Piece.

Determined To Get The Job Done, Violet Decides To Follow Irma In Order To Better Understand Her Heart. Irma Informs Violet That Her Boyfriend Fugo, Ardu’s Son, Went To War, But Never Returned. Although She Understands Irma A Little Better, Violet Is Still Not Sure If She Can Write The Letter She Wants. Roland Then Takes Violet To An Old Military Warehouse Containing Letters That Could Not Be Sent To Soldiers Missing Or Killed In Action.

Violet Takes Inspiration From Reading These Letters And Writes New Ones That Excite Irma And Arda. Irma Uses The Letter As The Basis Of Her Song In Her New Opera Piece. When Irma Sings, The Song Helps Her And Ardu Get Rid Of The Loss Of Fugo. The Song Is A Great Success And Has Earned The Praise Of The Audience, And Ardu Is Confident That Violet Will Understand “love”.
Violet Evergarden Anime Episodes

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