Your Lie in April

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
  • Your Lie in April
  • Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Your Lie in April Plot Story

The Child Prodigy Kusey Arima Becomes A Famous Children’s Musician, Having Won Several Music Competitions. When His Mother, Saki, Dies Suddenly, He Suffers From A Mental Breakdown While Performing At A Piano Concert; This Results In Him No Longer Hearing The Sound Of His Piano, Although His Hearing Is Otherwise Perfectly Normal.

Two Years Later, Kusey Did Not Touch The Piano And Looks At The World In Monochrome, Without Any Flair Or Color. He Resigns Himself To Living His Life With His Good Friends Tsubaki And Watari, Until One Day The Girl Changes Everything: Kaori Miyazono, A Brave, Freedom-loving, Fourteen-year-old Violinist Whose Playing Style Reflects Her Manic Nature.

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She Helps Kosei Return To The Musical World And Shows Him That He Must Be Free And Innovative, As Opposed To The Structured And Rigid Style That Kosei Is Used To. As She Continues To Support Him, He Quickly Realizes That He Loves Her, Although She Already Likes Watari.

Later, Kaori Suddenly Loses Consciousness After A Touching Performance And Is Admitted To The Hospital. At First, Kaori Says She Has Anemia And Just Needs To Have A Routine Check-up. Kaori Is Later Tested And Returns To His Happy State, Inviting Kosei To Play With Her At The Gala. However, Kaori Does Not Appear On The Festival Day, And As Her Health Deteriorates, She Becomes Discouraged.

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Kusei Plays A Duet With Nagi Aiza In The Hopes Of Motivating Her. Upon Hearing This, Kaori Chooses A Risky Operation That Could Kill Her If She Fails, Just So She Can Play With Him Again. While Playing In The Finals Of The East Japan Piano Competition, Kosei Sees Kaori’s Spirit Accompany Him And Eventually Realizes That She Died During The Operation.

The Letter, Written By Kaori, Was Given To Kusei By Her Parents At Her Funeral. It Is Clear From The Letter That She Knew That She Was About To Die, So She Became More Freedom-loving Both As A Person And In Her Music, So As Not To Carry Her Regrets To Heaven. She Also Reveals That She Was In Love With Kusei From The Age Of Five And Was Inspired To Play The Violin So That One Day She Could Play With Him.

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Her Alleged Feelings For Watari Were Fabricated In Order To Bond With Kosei Without Harming Tsubaki, Who Also Had Feelings For Kosei. Upon Learning Of This, Tsubaki Confronts Kusei And Tells Him That She Will Be By His Side For The Rest Of Her Life.

Kaori Also Leaves Behind A Photo Of Her Return From A Concert That Inspired Her As A Child, With Kusei Walking Home. Kosei Later Creates This Picture.