Your Name

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  • Your Name
  • Kimi no Na wa
  • 君の名は。

Your Name Anime Movie Plot In English

In The Fall Of 2013, Mitsuha Miyamizu Is A High School Student Living In The Rural Town Of Itomori, Japan. She Is Bored Of The City And Wants To Be The Tokyo Boyfriend In Her Next Life. Her Wish Is Partially Fulfilled As She Inexplicably Begins Periodically Exchanging Bodies With Taki Tachibana, A High School Student From Tokyo Who Wakes Up As A Different Person And Is Forced To Relive His Actions And Social Interactions Throughout The Day. At First, They Think These Experiences Are Vivid Dreams, But Eventually They Realize That They Can Communicate With Each Other, Leaving Messages On Paper, Phones, And Sometimes On Each Other’s Skin. Mitsuha In Taki’s Body Sets Taki On A Date With Fellow Mika Okudera, While Taki In Mitsuha’s Body Makes Mitsuha Popular At School.

One Day, Taki, In Mitsuha’s Body, Accompanies Mitsuha’s Grandmother Hitoha And Her Sister Yotsuha To Leave The Ritual Alcoholic Kuchikamizake Made By The Sisters As An Offering At A Shinto Shrine Located Atop A Mountain Outside The City. It Is Believed To Be The Body Of A Village Guardian God Who Governs Human Ties And Time. Taki Reads Mitsuha’s Note About Comet Tiamat, Which Is Expected To Pass Closest To Earth On The Day Of The Fall Festival. The Next Day, Taki Wakes Up In His Body And Goes On A Date With Miki, Who Tells Him That She Liked The Date, But Also That She Can Say That He Is Preoccupied With Thoughts Of Someone Else. Taki Tries To Call Mitsuha On The Phone, But Cannot Reach Her When The Phone Switch Goes Off.

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Taki, Miki, And Their Friend Tsukasa Travel To Gifu By Train To Hida In Search Of Mitsuha, Although Taki Does Not Know Itomori’s Name, Relying On Sketches He Made From The Surrounding Landscape From Memory. The Owner Of A Restaurant In Hide Recognizes The City From A Sketch, Originally From There. He Leads Taki And His Friends To The Ruins Of A City That Was Destroyed And Where Five Hundred Inhabitants Were Killed When The Comet Tiamat Suddenly Shattered When It Flew Over The Earth Three Years Ago. Looking In Disbelief At The Impact Crater, Taki Notices That Mitsuha’s Messages Are Disappearing From His Phone, And His Memories Of Her Begin To Fade, Realizing That They Too Have Been Separated By Time, Just Like In 2016. Taki Finds Mitsuha’s Messages.

The Name On The Death Record, And He Wonders If The Body Switch Was Just A Dream. While Miki And Tsukasa Return To Tokyo, Taki Travels To The Temple, Hoping To Reconnect With Mitsuha And Warn Her Of The Comet. At The Shrine, Taki Drinks Mitsuha’s Kuchikizake, And Then Falls Into A Vision In Which He Looks Into Mitsuha’s Past. He Also Recalls That He Already Met Mitsuha On The Train When She Arrived In Tokyo The Day Before The Incident To Find Him, Although Taki Did Not Recognize Her As The Body Switch Had Not Yet Occurred In His Time Frame. Before Leaving The Train In Confusion, Mitsuha Handed Him A Hair Band, Which He Has Since Worn On His Wrist As A Talisman.

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Taki Wakes Up In Mitsuha’s Body At Her House On The Morning Of The Festival. Hitoha Deduces What Happened And Tells Him That The Ability To Change Bodies Was Passed On To Her Family, Who Took Care Of The Shrine. Taki Convinces Tessie And Sayaka, Two Of Mitsuha’s Friends, To Force The Townspeople To Evacuate From Itomori By Shutting Down The Electrical Substation And Transmitting A False Emergency Alert. Taki Heads Towards The Shrine, Realizing That Mitsuha Should Be In His Body, While Mitsuha Wakes Up In Taki’s Body. At The Top Of The Mountain During Sunset, They Sense Each Other’s Presence, But Are Separated Due To The Time Difference And Cannot See Each Other.

When Dusk Falls, Called The “magic Hour” Or Kataware-Doki In The Film, They Return To Their Bodies And See Each Other In Person. After Taki Returns Mitsuha’s Tape, They Try To Write Their Names In Each Other’s Palm To Remember Each Other. However, Before Mitsuha Can Write His Own, Twilight Passes And They Return To Their Timeline. When The Evacuation Plan Fails, Mitsuha Must Convince Her Father, Toshiki, Mayor Of Itomori, To Evacuate Everyone. Before That, Mitsuha Notices That Her Memories Of Taki Are Fading And Discovers That He Has Written “I Love You” On Her Hand Instead Of His Name. The Fragments Of The Comet Fall To Earth And Destroy Itomori. Taki Does Not Remember Anything In His Time.

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Five Years Later, Taki Graduated From University And Is Looking For A Job. He Feels That He Has Lost Something Important That He Cannot Identify, And Takes An Inexplicable Interest In The Events Around The Comet That Took Place Eight Years Ago. Itomori City Was Destroyed. However, All Of His Men Survived As They Evacuated Just In Time.

Meanwhile, Mitsuha Has Since Moved To Tokyo. Sometime Later, Taki And Mitsuha Catch A Glimpse Of Each Other As Their Trains Pass Each Other, And They Are Instantly Drawn To Look For Each Other. Each Disembarks And Rushes In Search Of The Other, Finally Meeting On The Stairs Of The Suga Shrine. Taki Addresses Mitsuha, Saying That He Feels He Knows Her, And She Responds In A Similar Way. Having Finally Found What Everyone Had Been Looking For For A Long Time, They Cried With Happiness And At The Same Time Asked Each Other What Their Names Were.

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