Bikini Warriors

  • Bikini Warriors
  • Bikini Woriāzu
  • ビキニ・ウォリアーズ

Bikini Warriors Adult Anime Plot In English

When The World Is Threatened By Darkness, The Four Heroines Have Only One Hope Of Salvation – If They Even Manage To Get Out Of The First City. Bikini Warriors Follow A Group Of Brilliant Adventurers In Open Armor.

The Brave Warrior, The Frivolous Paladin, The Timid Mage, And The Charming Darkelf. But Can You Really Be An Adventurer If You Don’t Go On An Adventure?

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Our Heroines Are Eternally Ruined, Unbearably Vain, And Often Lose Out To The Dangers Of Their World. Between Running From Dungeons And Plundering Peasants, Unlikely Heroes Will Have To Learn To Live With Each Other Before They Can Survive The Battle Against Absolute Evil!

Bikini Warriors Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Mage
    • Fighter
    • Paladin
    • Dark Elf
    • Deathgeld
  • Supporting Characters
    • Valkyrie
    • Hunter

Bikini Warriors Episode

Sl. NoEpisode Title
1It’s Not a Bikini If It’s Armour
2A Quest Needs Money to Rest
3Even Heroes Have Needs
4A Hero Needs No Reward
5Saving Things that Go Unused
6Heroes Overcome the Impossible
7Allies from Taverns May Disappoint
8Every Journey Finds New Friends
9A Hero Betrayed Has But One Choice
10You Don’t Always Get What You Want or Need
11A Snare to Trap a Pure Maiden
12No One Knows the End
13To Provide Things that You Cannot See (OVA)
14Kunoichi Ninja Arts Chapter: The Drip Honey Secret (OVA)
15The Story of the Warriors Who Got the Legendary Armour (OVA)
Bikini Warriors Episode

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