Rating: 3 out of 5.
  • Plunderer
  • Purandara

Plunderer Anime Plot Story

Alsia Is A World Ruled By The “Count”: The Numbers Engraved On A Person’s Body Represent Any Number Associated With His Life. These Charts Define The Social Status And Power Of A Person In Alcia. If The Counter Reaches Zero, The Person Is Sent To The Abyss, A Place Rumored To Be Worse Than Death.

Anime  Wonder Egg Priority

Hina, A Traveler Whose Assessment Is Based On The Distance She Has Traveled, Witnessed Her Mother Being Dragged Into The Abyss. Determined To Fulfill Her Mother’s Last Wish, She Sets Out On A Journey In Search Of The Legendary Aces – Heroes Of The War That Happened Three Hundred Years Ago, Carrying A White Star Next To Her Count.

Anime  One Punch Man

While Wandering Around The Neighborhood, Hina Meets Licht Bach, A Mysterious Masked Man With A Negative Score, And Nana, A Tavern Owner. In The Midst Of A Fun Pastime, Hina Deceives Into Battle With A Military Soldier. However, Despite His Negative Score, Licht Saves Hina And Reveals That He Has Another Result, One With A White Star, One Of The Legendary Aces.

Anime  Food Wars The Fourth Plate

Plunderer Follows The Journey Of Hina And The Other Inhabitants Of Alsia As They Discover The Truth About Their World, The Abyss, And The Legendary Aces.