High School DxD

  • High School DxD
  • Haisukūru Dī Dī
  • ハイスクールD×D

High School DxD Anime Plot Story

High School Student Issei Hyoudou Is An Ordinary Pervert Who Does Nothing Productive In His Life, Spies On Women, And Dreams Of One Day Having His Own Harem. When A Beautiful Girl Asks Him Out On A Date, It Seems That He Is Looking For Issei, Although It Turns Out That It Is A Fallen Angel Who Brutally Kills Him.

However, He Has A Second Chance At Life When A Beautiful High School Student, Rias Gremory, A First-class Devil, Revives Him As Her Servant, Recruiting Issei Into The Ranks Of The School’s Occult Research Club.

Slowly Adjusting To His New Life, Issei Must Train And Fight To Survive In The Cruel World Of Angels And Devils. Each New Adventure Leads To Many Fun Moments With His New Friends While Keeping His New Life A Secret From Friends And Family At Dxd High School.

High School DxD Anime Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Gremory, Rias
    • Himejima, Akeno
    • Hyoudou, Issei
    • Toujou, Koneko
    • Quarta, Xenovia
    • Argento, Asia
    • Shidou, Irina
    • Rossweisse
    • Kiba, Yuuto
    • Phenex, Ravel
  • Supporting Characters

High School DxD Anime Episode

Sl. NoEpisode Title
1I Got a Girlfriend!
2I’m Done Being Human!
3I Made a Friend!
4I’m Saving My Friend!
5I Will Defeat My Ex-girlfriend!
6I Work as a Devil!
7I Get a Familiar!
8I Pick a Fight!
9I’ve Begun My Training!
10The Showdown Begins!
11The Acclaimed Battle Continues!
12I’m Here to Keep My Promise!
13Going Sunbathing (Let’s Go to the beach) (SP)
14Akeno’s Personal Training (SP)
15Koneko Goes a Little Over the Top…Meow (SP)
16The Untold Story of the Dress Break’s Birth? (SP)
17Making Udon (SP)
18Asia Transforms (SP)
19I’m Harvesting Breasts! (Boobs Bearing Fruit!) (OVA)
20I’m Searching for Breasts! (I Seek Boobies!) (OVA)
High School DxD Anime Episode

High School DxD New Anime Episodes

Sl. NoEpisode Title
1Another Disquieting Premonition!
2The Holy Sword Is Here!
3I’ll Destroy the Holy Sword!
4A Strong Enemy Appeared!
5Decisive Battle at Kuoh Academy!
6Go! Occult Research Club!
7Summer! Bathing Suits! I’m in Trouble!
8Open House Begins!
9I Have a Junior!
10Various Three-way Deadlocks!
11The Leaders’ Summit Begins!
12Clash of the Twin Heavenly Dragons!
13I’m Enveloped in Breasts! (OVA)
High School DxD New Anime Episodes

High School DxD Born Anime Episodes

Sl. NoEpisode Title
1Summer Break! Off to the Underworld!
2Young Devils Gather
3Cat and Dragon
4Interception, Commence!
5The Last Day of Summer Break!
6Second Semester has Started!
7The Night Before Battle!
8We will save Asia!
9Dragon of Dragon
10Occult Research Club Vanishes!?
11I Will Fight!
12Any Time, For All Time!
13The Unresurrected Phoenix (OVA)
High School DxD Born Anime Episodes

High School DxD Hero Anime Episodes

Sl. NoEpisode Title
1Holiness Behind the Gym
2That’s Right, Let’s Go to Kyoto
3School Trip, an Abrupt Attack
4The Party of Heroes
5Showdown! Gremory Family vs. Hero Faction in Kyoto
6My Potential Released!
7The School Trip is in Pandemonium
8We are Preparing for the School Festival!
9A Girl’s Heart is Complicated
10The Deciding Battle of the Strongest Youth, Begins!
11As a Family Member of Rias Gremory
12Man against Man
13Lion Heart of the School Festival
High School DxD Hero Anime Episodes