High School DxD

High School DxD Is A Japanese Light Novel Series Written By Ichiei Ishibumi And Illustrated By Miyama-zero.

A Perverted High School Student From Kuo Academy Who Wishes To Be The King Of The Harem And Is Killed On The First Date, Turns Out To Be A Fallen Angel, But Is Later Reborn As The Devil Rias Gremory To Serve Her And Her Devilish Family. Issei’s Deepening Relationship With Rias Turns Out To Be Dangerous For Angels, Fallen Angels, And Devils.

High School DxD1

High School DxD

Haisukūru Dī Dī

English Dub

Status – Completed

Episodes – 01 – 49

January 6, 2012 – April 10, 2018


Kuoh Academy is a former girls’ school that recently moved to coeducation, but it has a secret. Angels unknown to normal people, fallen angels and devils are part of the student population. One of these students, Issei Hyoudou, is a depraved sophomore who lives a peaceful life. After a normal school day, Issei is unexpectedly asked out on a date by a girl named Yuma Amano. After their date, Yuma brings Issei to a local park and asks him to die for her. She turns out to be Raynar, a fallen angel, and tries to kill him.

Using her Summoning Card, Rias Gremory, a curvy third-year student at Kuo Academy, revives him. The next morning, Issei wakes up with the thought that everything that happened was just a dream. Right after being attacked by another fallen angel and waking up, he notices a naked Rias in his room. Rias reveals to Issei her true nature as a devil and says that as a result of his death at the hands of Yuma, she reincarnated him as a devil, becoming her faithful servant.

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