Love Hina

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
  • Love Hina
  • Rabu Hina
  • ラブ ひな

Love Hina Anime Plot Story In English

The Story Is A Shonen Comedy Set In Kanagawa Prefecture, Centered Around Keitaro Urashima And His Attempts To Fulfill The Childhood Promise He Made With His Girlfriend To Go To Tokyo University Together. However, He Has Forgotten The Name Of The Girl He Promised And Hopes To Go To University To Find Her. After Failing His Entrance Exams Twice And Since His Parents No Longer Want To Support Him, He Goes To His Grandmother’s Hotel But Discovers That He Has Been Converted Into An Apartment For Women Only.

The Tenants Are About To Kick Him Out When His Aunt Shows Up And Announces That His Grandmother Has Transferred Ownership Of The Apartments To Him. Much To Their Disappointment, Keitaro Becomes The New Manager Of The Hinata House Family Dormitory For Girls And Must Now Balance His New Responsibilities In Addition To Preparing For The University Entrance Exams. At Hinata’s House, Keitaro Meets Naru Narusegawa, Who Is Also A University Student. Naru Is Ranked First In All Of Japan In The Practice Exams, And Keitaro Convinces Her To Help Him With His Studies. As They Get Closer To Each Other During Their Studies, And After Keitaro Accidentally Reads A Small Part Of Naru’s Diary, He Becomes More And More Convinced That Naru Can Be The Girl He Made A Promise To.

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On The Second Day Of The University Exam, Keitaro Asks Naru About The Promise And Is Stunned When She Tells Him That He Is Wrong. Despite Their Studies And Naru’s Fake Exam Results, They Both Fail The Exams. The Couple Then Quarrel And Escape To Kyoto On Their Own To Clear Their Heads. During The Trip, They Settle Their Differences And Meet Mutsumi Otohime, Who Lives In Okinawa And Is Also Studying For Exams At The University.

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Back From Kyoto, Keitaro And Naru Decide To Retake Their Exams. After A While, Mutsumi Moves To Tokyo, And All Three Begin To Study Together. During This Period, Naru Becomes Convinced That Mutsumi Is Keitaro’s Promised Girl, But The Mutsumi States That She Made A Promise To Naru As A Child, Not Keitaro. During The Next Round Of University Exams, Keitaro Believes He Has Failed Again And Runs Away Before He Knows His Results. Upon Learning Of This, Naru Pursues Him Without Checking His Exam Results Either, And The Rest Of the House Hinata’s Residents Follow Him, Who Announce That Keitaro And Naru Both Passed The Exams Along With Mutsumi.

Unfortunately For Him, Keitaro Has An Accident At The Tokyo University Opening Ceremony And Is Unable To Attend Classes For Three Months. After Recovering From His Injuries, Keitaro Decides To Study Abroad With Noriyasu Set. As Keitaro Is About To Leave, Naru Finally Confesses Her Feelings To Him At The Airport And Decides To Wait For His Return. When Keitaro returns, He And Naru Finally Begin To Express Their Feelings For Each Other. After They Deal With New Obstacles, Hina’s Grandmother Returns To Hinata’s House And Reveals That Naru Is The Girl Keitaro Promised. Three Years Later, A Wedding Ceremony Is Held At Hinata’s House With his New Girlfriend, Ema Maeda, For Naru And Keitaro When They Finally Fulfill Their Childhood Promise To Each Other.

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Love Hina Characters

Below Is The List Of Love Hina Characters Categorised By Main Characters And Supporting Characters.

  • Main Characters
    • Narusegawa, Naru
    • Urashima, Keitarou
    • Aoyama, Motoko
    • Maehara, Shinobu
    • Su, Kaolla
    • Konno, Mitsune
  • Supporting Characters
    • Otohime, Mutsumi
    • Onsen, Tamago
    • Urashima, Haruka
    • Seta, Noriyasu

Love Hina Episodes

The Are Total Of 25 Episodes Released For Love Hina Anime Series.

1All-girls Dorm with Outdoor Bath: Hot Springs
2The Hinata’s New Resident, Shinobu: Arrow Signs
3Kendo Girl in Love?: Swordplay
4The Tokyo U Promise from 15 Years Ago: Diary
5Wow. A Trip to Kyoto! Exciting
6Keitaro’s First Kiss is with…? Journey
7First Date. Keitaro’s True Feelings: Nowadays
8Kendo Girl and the Legend of the Dragon Palace: Is This A Dream
9The Case of the Missing Hinata Apartment Money: A Mystery
10Who is the Beautiful Women Wandering in the Moonlight? Transformation
11The Idol Shooting for Tokyo U is a Prep School Student: Sing
12Changing After the Wedding? Swordmaster Motoko’s Sunday Best: Feminine
13The First Kiss Tastes Like Lemon? Marshmallow? Grown-up
14Naru’s Crush Is Now a Tokyo U Professor: Turning Into Love?
15I Love You!? Romantic Confession Inside a Cave: Tall Tale
16Monkey Performance at the Seaside Teahouse Hinata: A Kiss?
17Mesmerized by Naru on the Haunted Island! Something’s Fishy!
18Girls Dressed in Yukata for the Summer Festival: Let’s!
19Marry into Money? A Prince from Across the Sea: Warm
20A Sepia-colored Promise with a Sleeping Girl: A Trick?
21Jealous Outburst? Two Lovebirds on a Boat: Tremble
22Little Sister Mei’s Devious Plan: It Can’t Be!
23Naru Narusegawa – Her Wavering Heart and Keitaro: Crushed
24Celebrate! Are the Blooming Flowers Tokyo U? Love? Everybody
25Motoko’s Choice, Love or the Sword: Don’t Cry
Love Hina Episodes

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