Made in Abyss

  • Made in Abyss
  • Meido in Abisu
  • メイドインアビス

Made in Abyss Manga

An orphaned girl named Riko lives in the Belchero orphanage in Ort. The city is surrounded by a strange giant hole that goes deep into the earth, known as the Abyss. The abyss holds artifacts and remnants of civilizations long gone, and is, therefore, a popular hunting ground for so-called cave raiders, who undertake difficult and dangerous descents into the fog-filled pit to find any relics they can find.

Returning from the Abyss can be dangerous, as the “Curse of the Abyss”, a mysterious and potentially deadly disease, manifests itself upon ascension. The deeper you go, the more acute the consequences of the curse; few of those who descended into the lower regions returned to speak of their experiences. Several legendary cave raiders have earned the title of White Whistle, one of them being Riko’s mother, Lisa, who is presumed dead after her “final descent” into the Abyss.

Riko’s dream in life is to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become the White Whistle. One day, she discovers a robot that looks like a human boy in the second layer of the Abyss and names it Reg. Riko and her friends sneak Reg into Belchero and quickly welcome him into their tight-knit group.

Sometime later, a number of finds are made from the depths of the Abyss, including Lisa’s White Whistle and pages of her discoveries and observations, and a message, presumably to Riko, that she is waiting at the bottom of the Abyss. Riko, determined to find her mother, says goodbye to her friends and secretly travels to the Abyss with Reg as her companion.

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