Oni Chichi

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
  • Oni Chichi
  • Demon Father
  • Papá demonio
  • 鬼父

Oni Chichi Anime

Marina and Airi’s mother has left her husband, only to marry a younger man, Kouzou Akizuki. Although Marina has accepted her new stepfather, Airi hates him for breaking up her family.

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Furthermore, she soon discovers that he is a sexual deviant, sniffing his underage stepdaughters’ underwear and secretly wanting to take her virginity. His mother is often absent from home, which allows Kouzou to pursue his carnal pleasures to his heart’s content.

Unable to resist the beauty of teenage girls’ bodies, Akizuki concocts a powerful aphrodisiac and uses it on Airi.

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Intoxicated by the drug, she can no longer control herself and gives in to her stepfather’s perverted demands. She soon discovers the merits of this new relationship and plunges headlong into a whirlwind of sexual degeneracy.

Satisfied with the drug’s irresistible effect, Kouzou proceeds to use it, even more, forcing various girls to quench their thirst in the most embarrassing ways.

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Oni Chichi Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Akizuki, Airi
    • Akizuki, Marina
    • Akizuki, Kouzou
  • Supporting Characters
    • Kuranaka, Sana
    • Ono, Masato