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These are some of the best 18+ Animation Series you can watch, all of them contain erotic moments. Hope you like these.

Nakaimo – My Sister Is Among Them!

  • Nakaimo – My Sister Is Among Them!
  • Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!
  • この中に1人、妹がいる!

Nakaimo Anime Plot Story

Mikadono Group Is An International Business Company Based In Japan And Headed By Kumagoro Mikadono. He Names His Son Shogo As Heir To His Position In The Company. However, After Kumagoro’s Death, His Widow, Kanoko, Becomes The New Acting Chairman As Shogo Transfers To His Father’s Private Academy, Alma Mater Miryuin. According To His Father’s Will, Shogo Will Take Over The Management Of The Company After Graduation, Provided That Before That He Finds A Life Partner.

Fortunately, Miryuin Academy Has A Variety Of Women To Choose From. However, Life At The Academy Will Not Be Smooth. He Immediately Became Popular Due To His Name And Position As The Heir To The Kumagoro Company And Attracted The Attention Of Several Female Students.

Complicating Matters Further, Although He Was Raised As An Only Child, Shogo Appears To Have A Younger Half-sister Who Was Raised Separately, Who Also Goes To The Same School And Intends To Bond With Him Without Revealing Her True Identity. How is Will He Behave Knowing That Any Girl He Chooses As His Life Partner Can Also Be His Sister?

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  • Freezing
  • Furījingu

Freezing Anime Plot Story

In 2065, Earth Will Find Itself At The Epicenter Of A War With Aliens From Other Dimensions Named Nova. The Military Is Developing And Training Pandora, Girls Who Can Use A Special Genetic Tissue Called Stigmata To Manifest Superhuman Combat Skills And Weapons. Pandora Is Supported By Male Partners Called Restraints, Who Use Special “freezing” Abilities To Restrict Their Opponent’s Mobility.

One Such Limitation Is Kazuya Aoi, Whose Late Sister Was Pandora. While Attending The Western Academy Of Genetics In Japan, Kazuya Meets Satellite El Bridget, The Powerful Pandora, Nicknamed The Untouchable Queen For Her Ruthless Personality And Intense Aphophobia. Despite Warnings From Her Classmates To Stay Away From The Companion, Kazuya Befriends Her And Asks To Be Her Limiter.

After Satellizer Helped Her Survive Several Battles With School Rivals Of Different Ranks And Classes, Satellizer Agrees To Cooperate With Him, Although She Soon Meets A Rival In The Novel Named Rana Lynchen, Who Thinks Kazuya Is Her Soul Mate. Their Rivalry Ends When Nova Attacks Their School, Using Pandora Under Their Control To Gain Access To The School’s Underground Laboratory.

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Satellite And Kazuya Join A Group Of West Genetics Students At A Research Lab In Alaska To Help With The Evolution Pandora Project. The E-pandora Project Allows Ordinary Girls To Endure Stigma And Become A Pandora.

When One Of The E-pandoras Goes Berserk, Others Wonder If The Drugs Are Safe To Experiment, But Are Forced To Obey The Wishes Of The Director And The Corporation. Learning That They Will Be Used Until They Are Consumed, Amelia Evans Leads A Rebellion That Escalates Into A Full-scale Nova Clash.

Kazuya Learns More About His Family’s Ties To Pandora And Nova. Kazuya’s Grandfather, Gengo Aoi, Launches A Similar Project In Which Satelliteizer And Rana Team Up With Girls Named Valkyries. However, During A Demonstration Exercise With A Custom Dummy, Nova Pandora Experiences Illusions And Nova’s Dummy Becomes A Legion Of Hundreds Of Nova Destroying Genetics.

Gengo Confronts This By Freeing The Legendary Pandora, Kazuya’s Aunt. The Chevalier Attempts To Kill Gengo Using A Group Of Criminals Called The Busters, But The Mission Falls Apart When Some Of The Legendary Pandors Turn Into A Deadly Nova Due To Antifreeze, But They Are Defeated By A Special Freeze Force And Arcadia 01, Cassandra’s Daughter, Conceived By Kazuha’s Father, Who Awakens From Stagnation In Response To The Awakened Power Of His Brother.

Before The Chevalier Launches A New Attack, Gengo Embarks On His Basic Plan, Which Involves Sending Kazuya To Elka, The World Nova Came From To Find Out The Truth About Them. During His Time There, He Discovers That There May Be A Direct Connection Between The Two Worlds Regarding Novas, Pandora, And The Restrictor. There Are Also Several Alternate Versions Of The People He Knows On Elke.

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Shuumatsu no Harem

Shuumatsu no Harem
Shuumatsu no Harem
  • World’s End Harem
  • Shuumatsu no Harem
  • Shūmatsu no Hāremu
  • 終末のハーレム

Shuumatsu no Harem Anime

In 2040, Reito Mizuhara is a young man who is placed in cryostasis pending the development of a life-saving treatment to treat a rare disease from which he suffers.

Five years later, in 2045, Reito wakes up to discover that during this time period an extremely deadly and infectious virus called MK (Man Killer) has emerged, which mysteriously affects only men, causing the death of about 99.9% of them.

the male population of the world, with the exception of approximately one million survivors who were placed in cryostasis before infection.

Much to his surprise, Reito also learns that he is one of only five men in Japan who have somehow developed immunity to the MK virus, and as a result, he must participate in a breeding program, impregnating as many women as possible so that their children can replenish the population of the Earth.

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While Reito investigates the secrets surrounding the MK virus and the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend Eliza Tachibana, the series also shows the perspectives of other men who have developed immunity to the MK virus, each with their own circumstances.

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Toilet Bound Hanako kun (Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun)

Toilet Bound Hanako kun
Toilet Bound Hanako kun
  • Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun
  • Toilet Bound Hanako kun
  • Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun
  • Jibaku Shōnen Hanako-kun
  • 地縛少年花子くん

Toilet Bound Hanako kun Anime

The Famous “Seven Wonders”, Which Are In Every School, Are One Of The Main Elements Of Japanese Urban Legends. One Of The Most Famous Stories Is That Of Hanako-san: The Ghost Of A Young Girl Who Often Visits School Toilets.

The Kamome Academy Has Its Own Version Of The Hanako-san Legend. Rumor Has It That If Someone Succeeds In Summoning Hanako-san, She Will Fulfill Her Summoner’s Wishes. Many People, Tempted By Gossip, Tried To Summon It, But All Attempts Failed.

However, When Nene Yashiro, A Girl Hoping For Romantic Luck, Dares To Summon Hanako-san, She Discovers That This Rumored “girl” Is Actually A Boy!

After A Series Of Unfortunate Events Involving Nene’s Romantic Desires, She Reluctantly Becomes Entangled In The World Of The Supernatural, Becoming Hanako-kun’s Assistant. She Soon Learns Of Hanako-kun’s Lesser-known Duty: Maintaining The Delicate Balance Between Mortals And Ghosts.

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  • Higehiro
  • Hige o Soru. Soshite Joshi Kōsei o Hirou.
  • Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway

Higehiro Anime Plot

When Yoshida A Young Handsome Salaryman Wakes Up One Sunday Morning After A Long Night At The Bar, The Last Thing He Expects To See Is The New Resident Of His Tiny Apartment – An Unfamiliar High School Student.

The Night Before, Despite Finally Having The Courage To Confess To His Boss And Longtime Fan Of Airi Goto, Yoshida Was Rejected. Drowning His Sorrows In A Bar With His Good Friend Hashimoto, Yoshida Headed Back To His House In A Drunken Stupor, Only To Bump Into Sai Ogiwara, An Escaped High School Student. She Asked Him To Let Her Stay Overnight, And Since His Judgment Was Clouded By Alcohol, Yoshida Complied.

Now, Bowing Her Head, But Not Remembering The Events Of The Previous Night, Yoshida Asks Sayu To Explain How She Ended Up Sleeping In His Apartment. After Listening To Her Story, Yoshida Found He Couldn’t Kick Her Out – Especially After Learning That She Came From Hokkaido.

So, Despite His Doubts About The Underage Girl’s Hideout, Yoshida Lets Her Stay, And Their Life Together Begins.

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