Air Gear

Air Gear

Air Gear

Ea Gia

English Dub

Status – Completed

Episodes – 01 – 25

April 4, 2006 – September 26, 2006


A new craze called Air Treks, a futuristic evolution of aggressive skating, has swept the country’s youth and gangs are forming all over the place that compete in various competitions using their A-T. Ikki is a high school student, the coolest street fighting punk in the east of the city and a member of The East-Side Gunz. He lives with four gorgeous adoptive sisters who took him in when he was a child. But what Ikki doesn’t know is that the girls are part of one of A-T’s most infamous gangs, The Sleeping Forest. Soon Ikki learns about the world of Air Treks and falls into an unforeseen fate, learning about his past and finding many allies along the way, riding the storm.

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