Air Gear

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
  • Air Gear
  • Ea Gia
  • エア・ギア

Air Gear Anime Plot Story

Air Trecks, Also Known As AT, Are Motorized Futuristic Roller Skates That Have Become A New Craze Taking The Nation By Storm. While Every AT Has A Speed Limiter, The Daredevil Community Known As The Storm Riders Is Brave Enough To Intervene.

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Using AT, In Underground Combat, Individual Teams Display Valuable Anti-tank Elements Or Command Emblems – Their Symbol Of Pride – To Dominate The Streets.

Itsuki Minami, A High School Student Known For Her Street Fights, Lives In This Era. Always Striving To Reach Heights That No One Else Is Capable Of, The Reckless Punk Will Overcome Any Obstacle That Stands In His Way, Along With His Best Friends Kazuma Mikura And Onigiri.

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However, Once He Discovers A Couple Of Air Routes In His Home, The Path Finally Opens Up To His True Desire: To Rule The Heavens.