Black Clover

Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • Black Clover
  • Burakku Kurōbā

Black Clover Anime Plot Story In English

Asta And Yuno Were Thrown Into The Same Church On The Same Day. Growing Up Together As Children, They Learned About The “Wizard King”, A Title Awarded To The Strongest Wizard In The Kingdom And Promised That They Would Compete Against Each Other For The Next Wizard King.

However, As They Grew, The Difference Between Them Became Apparent. While Yuno Can Wield Magic With Amazing Power And Control, Asta Cannot Use Magic At All And Is Desperate To Awaken Her Powers By Training Physically.

Upon Reaching The Age Of 15, Yuno Receives A Magnificent Grimoire With A Four-leaf Clover, But Asta Receives Nothing. However, Shortly Thereafter, Yuno Is Attacked By A Man Named Lebuti, Whose Main Goal Is To Obtain Yuno’s Grimoire. Asta Tries To Fight Lebuti, But He Lacks Equal. Though Hopeless And On The Verge Of Defeat, He Finds The Strength To Continue When He Hears Yuno’s Voice.

Unleashing His Inner Emotions In A Rage, Asta Obtains The Five-leaf Clover Grimoire, Black Clover, Which Gives Him Enough Strength To Defeat Lebute. A Few Days Later, Two Friends Are Sent Into The World, Both Striving For The Same Goal – To Become The Wizard King.

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