Lord Marksman and Vanadis

Lord Marksman and Vanadis is a Japanese light novel series written by Tsukasa Kawaguchi and illustrated by Yoshi ☆ o and Hinata Katagiri. In Lord Marksman and Vanadis, the fictional European country of Brun is under the leadership of King Pharaun. Brune is on the brink of civil war due to Pharaun’s deteriorating health and a power struggle between the two heirs to the kingdom. Jted, Brun’s longtime rival, sends Leitmeritz’s war-girl Eleanor Viltaria to attack Brun. After the capture of the British nobleman Tigrevurmud Vorn, Helen must help restore peace and order in Brune.

Lord Marksman and Vanadis

Lord Marksman and Vanadis

Madan no Ō to Vanadīsu

English Dub

Status – Completed

Episode – 01 – 13

October 4, 2014 – December 27, 2014


In a parallel version of Europe, the King of the Kingdom of Brune Faron is ill, leading to a dispute between the British dukes Felix Aaron Thenardier and Maximilian Bennus Ganelon over the dominion of power. In response, the rival kingdom of Bruna Jted dispatches Leitmeritz’s warrior, Eleanor Viltaria, to fight them in the Plains of Dinan. Tigrevurmud Vorn, British Earl of Alsace and the only survivor of the battle, is subsequently captured by Helene. Later, the British Count Mashas Rodant asks the servant of the Tiger Bertrand to inform him that the Thenardier’s son, Zion, plans to subjugate Alsace. Tigre, with the help of Helene, returns to Alsace, where he rescues his maid Titta.

After killing Zion, Helen travels to the capital of Zted, Silesia, to inform King Zted Victor Arthur Folk Estes Tour Zted of her invasions, and with the help of Sophia Obertas, a Polissya warrior, Victor approves of Tigre as his general. Helene also meets her longtime rival, war girl Lyudmila Lurie, who is also a supporter of Thenardier. Helen reunites with Tigre and they travel to Mila’s homeland, Olmutz, to fight the warrior. Realizing Tigre’s intentions to save Alsace, Mila declares her neutrality in the war. With the help of Viscount Territorial Ogre Hyuga and his son Gerard, the combined armies of Brun and Jted are reorganized into the Silver Meteor Storm.

Back in Brune, Ganelon dispatches the Marquis of Charon Anketil Grist to kill Tigre, but he is easily defeated. Sophie informs Tigre that he is accused of high treason for his alliance with Zhed. Roland, a British knight and captain of the Order of Navarre, battles the Silver Meteor Storm, but is easily defeated. Traveling to Brun’s capital Nice, Roland pleads with Pharaun for Tigre’s cause, but Ganelon kills him. The Kingdom of Muosinel, which periodically sends slave expeditions to Jted and Brune, as well as neighboring kingdoms, plans to enslave the southern region of Brune, Agnes. Traveling to Agnes, Tigre and his allies free their citizens and rescue Regin, Brun’s heir and former prince of Regnas, who faked her death and referred to Agnes after the Jted invasion. Mila and Masha help Tigre defeat the forces of the Muosinella.

Helen learns from the warrior Legnica Alexandra Alshavin that Elizaveta Fomina of Lebus is planning to invade Legnica. Helen briefly fights Lisa and after the conclusion of a peace treaty between Lebus and Leitmeritz teams up with Tigre and the others. To prove Regin’s royal lineage, the Tiger and his allies enter the Saint Grotto of Saint-Grail and fight the Thenardier and his men; Bertrand is killed in the process. After the death of Thenardier, the public celebrates the end of the war, and Tigre bids farewell to his actions. On his deathbed, Pharaun awards the Tiger the Knight of the Lumiere, which only British Prime Minister Pierre Baudouin understands is the traditional title given to the heir. After Pharaun’s death, Regin becomes Queen of Brune. Meanwhile, Ganelon and Grist go into exile and are sheltered by Osterod warrior Valentina Glinka Estes.

  • Lord Marksman and Vanadis
  • Lord Marksman and Vanadis

Six months later, Tigre and Sophie travel to the kingdom of Asvarre to stop the civil war between princes Germaine and Eliot over the death of the king; In the process, Tigre made friends with Sasha and Olga Tamm, a warrior of Brest. Tigre and Sasha travel to Asvarre, where they meet with Asvarrian General Tallard Graham. When Eliot captures Sophie and holds her in Fort Lux, Tallard rebels and kills Germaine. Upon hearing of the invasion, Eliot summons the demon Torbalan to fight the Tigre squad, but they save Sophie and defeat his soldiers. Eliot is sentenced to death, and Tallard becomes King of Asvarr. On the way back to Zted Tigre, Sophie and Olga are attacked by Torbalan and get divorced. Later, Sasha and Lisa kill Torbalan, but Sasha dies due to poor health and exhaustion.

Finding Tigre suffering from amnesia, Lisa takes him to Lebus. Returning to Silesia, Valentina plans to ascend the throne of Zhkekta, deceiving Victor’s heirs – Yevgeny Shevarin, Count Pardu; and Ilda Krutis, Duke of Bidgauch, fight each other. Upon learning of this, Lisa, Tigre and their allies go to Bydgauch to fight Hilda. After the end of the dispute between Lebus and Bydgauch, Tigre becomes Lebus’s advisor, passing a series of tests. Lisa and Tigre soon encounter the demon Baba Yaga, who, as it turns out, transferred part of her powers to Lisa due to her jealousy of Elena. After demanding that Lisa regain her powers, Baba Yaga briefly fights Tigre and Lisa, but is defeated and Tigre separates from Lisa.

Soon, Tigre finds the soldier Muosinel Damad, who was summoned by Kureis to inquire about his whereabouts, and they become friends. Damad is suspicious of Tigre’s true identity, and they return to Lebus before Helen and her allies reunite with Tigre. Damad, after discovering Tigre’s true identity, leaves for Muosinel, while Tigre and the others help Lisa fight Baba Yaga again, Tigre’s memories are eventually restored and he defeats Baba Yaga, who is killed by Ganelon. After Lebus ‘forces repel the attack of Paulus’ army, Lisa and Helen reconcile, and Tigre becomes their intermediary.

The following year, Sheravin becomes Victor’s official heir, when Thenardier’s widowed wife, Melisande, orders the neighboring kingdom of Sachstein to invade Brun. Tigre unites the armies of Zted and Brun in an alliance called the Moon Knights to repel the invasion. Tigre realizes that the people of Nice have been tricked into thinking that Tigre is again accused of high treason. Later, the Moon Knights and Valentine fight Ganelon and Melisande; in the chaos, Melisande is killed and Tigre clears her name. When a young girl named Figeria Alshavin is appointed as Legnica’s new warrior, Tigre convinces Asvarre to help repel Zakshtein’s invasion. The Moon Knights heading for Nice are ambushed by Grest, who captures Helene. In Muosinel, Mila senses that Helen is in danger and travels to Brune to help Tigre save Helen from Grest’s torture. Tigre and his allies reunite with the Moon Knights to defeat Grist, who eventually dies. Tigre and Helen confess their love, while Tigre and his allies help stop the Muosinel invasion.

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