Redline (Reddo Rain)

Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • Redline
  • Reddo rain
  • レッドライン

Redline Anime Plot Story In English

Every Five Years There Is An Exciting Race Called Redline, And In The Most Anticipated Competition In The Universe, There Is Only One Rule – Do Not Run.

Racers Push Their Limits – A Feeling The Daredevil Rider Jp Knows All Too Well. Having Just Qualified For Redline, He Wants To Compete With Other Highly Skilled Riders, Especially A Great Rising Star And The Only Person To Qualify, Sonoshi Mclaren.

But This Year Redline Could Be Much More Dangerous Than Usual – It Has Been Announced That It Will Take Place On The Planet Roboworld With Its Carefree Warriors And Criminals Looking To Turn The Race In Their Favor.

However, The Potential Danger Does Not Stop The Riders. In Fact, It Only Adds To The Thrill. Relying Solely On The Speed Of His Car, Jp Prepares For The Upcoming Event, Aiming To Take First Place In The Biggest Race Of His Life.

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