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Love Hina Again Anime Plot Story In English

Keitaro Finally Passed The Entrance Exams And Officially Became Todai’s Student. But After He Broke His Leg In An Accident At The Entrance Ceremony, He Thought About It And Reevaluated Himself. With New Goals In Mind, Keitaro Follows Seta On An Overseas Archaeological Journey.

However, Not All Was Well During His Absence From Hinata Lodge. Urashima Kanako, Keitaro’s Sister, Appears On The Scene. She Claims To Be The New Manager Of Hinata Lodge, Starting To Go Against All Tenants. Things Get Even More Complicated When They Receive A Letter From Keitaro. The Tenants And Kanako Made A Big Mess Trying To Retrieve The Letter, But Seta’s Car Crashed Before Anyone Could Read The Letter.

Love Hina Again Ending

At The End Of The Love Hina Again Series, They Both Promise To Be In Tokyo U Together, In The Christmas Episode Keitaro Declares His Love, And In The Spring Episode Naru Confesses To Herself That She Likes Keitaro. Now, All That Was Left Was Naru To Confess Her Feelings To Keitaro And The Wedding Bells Would Ring.

Of Course, She Does Not Hide It All, And We Learn That There Is A Reason For Her Hesitation. Kanako’s Purpose Finally Becomes Clear When She Gets In The Way Of Keitaro’s Proposal And The Magic Of The Cupid Inn Misfires. So Now Naru Not Only Has To Confess Her Feelings For Keitaro Out Loud, But Also Fight For His Love.

Love Hina Again Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Narusegawa, Naru
    • Urashima, Keitarou
    • Aoyama, Motoko
    • Maehara, Shinobu
    • Su, Kaolla
    • Konno, Mitsune
    • Urashima, Kanako
  • Supporting Characters
    • Otohime, Mutsumi
    • Onsen, Tamago
    • Urashima, Haruka

Love Hina Again Episode List

1Love Hina Again: Kanako
2Love Hina Again: Keitaro
3Love Hina Again: Naru
Love Hina Again Episode List

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