My Hero Academia Season 1

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
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My Hero Academia

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My Hero Academia Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Midoriya, Izuku
  • Supporting Characters
    • Todoroki, Shouto
    • Bakugou, Katsuki
    • All Might
    • Aizawa, Shouta
    • Kirishima, Eijirou
    • Uraraka, Ochako
    • Asui, Tsuyu
    • Toga, Himiko
    • Toogata, Mirio
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My Hero Academia Season 1 Episodes

No.TitleEpisode Summary
1Izuku Midoriya: OriginIn A World Where Most Of The Population Is Endowed With Special Powers Known As “Quirks”, Izuku Midoriya Is A Boy Who Always Dreamed Of Becoming A Hero, Despite The Fact That He Himself Did Not Have Quirks, Until One Day He Was Attacked By A Villain. Filth And Saved By None Other Than Almighty, The Most Famous Hero Of All Time And His Childhood Idol.
2What It Takes to Be a HeroIzuku Discovers That The Supreme’s True Form Is A Frail, Emaciated Person Who Was Seriously Injured Many Years Ago. The Almighty Tells Izuku That He Should Leave The Hero And Focus On A More Realistic Dream.

Discouraged, Izuku Goes Home Only To See His Classmate And Bully Katsuki Bakugo Being Attacked By The Same Slime Villain That Almighty Has Captured. With No Heroes To Fight The Villain, Izuku Rushes In.
3Roaring MusclesThe Almighty Tells Izuku About His “One For All” Quirk, A Sacred Torch That Transfers Its Power From Person To Person. Although Hashem Believes That Izuku Is Worthy Of His Quirk, His Immediate Provision Will Destroy His Untrained Body.

The Almighty Then Develops A Ten-month Training Regimen So That Izuku Becomes A Ship Capable Of Carrying Him.
4Start LineAfter Izuku Earned Almighty’s Quirks, It Was Time To Take The Exams At The Prestigious University Of Washington High School For Learning Heroes. During The Practice Exam, Izuku Finds Himself In A Quandary And Is About To Fail Until One Of His Exam Mates Is In Grave Danger And He Runs To Her Aid.
5What I Can Do For NowThis Is Izuku’s First Day As A Student At W.a. Middle School. However, His Homeroom Teacher, Shota Aizawa, Decides To Conduct A Physical Test To Assess How The Students Are Using Their Quirks.

Mr. Aizawa Threatens To Expulsion The Student With The Worst Grades, And Izuku Finds Himself In Another Predicament As He Still Hasn’t Learned To Properly Control His Quirk.
6Rage, You Damned NerdNow, Dressed As Their Heroes, The Students Engage In Simulated Combat Between Teams Of Two To Test Their Fighting Abilities. Izuku Is Paired With Ochako Uraraka, The Girl He Helped In The Entrance Exams, Who Also Becomes His Friend, Much To His Delight.

However, To His Horror, One Of His Opponents Is Bakugou, Who Has Always Taunt Him For His Lack Of Validity And Is Now Angry With Him.
7Deku vs. KacchanThe Fake Battle Continues, With Izuku Barely Holding Back Bakugou’s Devastating Attacks, Leaving Ochako Alone To Face Another Shadow Enemy Ida. As The Deadline Approaches, Izuku Seems To Have No Choice But To Use His Quirk Against Bakugou In An Attempt To Defeat Him Until He Comes Up With A Better Idea.
8Bakugo’s Start LineAfter Being Defeated By Izuku In A Mock Battle, Bakugou Watches The Rest Of His Classmates In Action And Realizes That He Still Has A Long Way To Go To Surpass His Peers.

After Recovering From His Injuries, Izuku Tries To Cheer Him Up To Share Parts Of His Secret With Bakugou. Meanwhile, There Was News That The Almighty Was Teaching In W.a. Some People Neglected Him.
9Yeah, Just Do Your Best, Ida!Much To His Surprise, Izuku Was Chosen As Class President, But He Ultimately Succumbs To Ida’s Position When He And His Friends Find Him More Suitable For The Position. Then The Students Are Assigned Another Field Exercise, But Before It Begins, A Horde Of Villains Suddenly Appears In Front Of Them.
10Encounter with the UnknownThe Villains Use Their Powers To Disperse The Students And Set Up An Ambush To Lure The Almighty Into A Trap. Izuku Is Stuck And Surrounded On A Boat Along With His Classmates Tsuyu Asui And Minoru Mineta, But After Learning More About Their Powers, He Comes Up With A Plan To Turn The Tide. Elsewhere, Ida Is Chosen By Others To Break Out Of The Enemy Trap And Call For Help.
11Game OverThe Students Fight For Their Lives Against The Villains, While Ida Manages To Escape With The Help Of His Friends. Once It Becomes Clear That Ida Will Warn The Other Teachers Who Will Come To Stop Them, The Villain Leader Tomura Shigaraki Decides To Kill Izuku And His Friends In Order To Hurt The Pride Of The Almighty Before They Leave When The Almighty Himself Appears.
12All MightShigaraki Uses His Secret Weapon, A Bizarre Monster Named “Nomu”, Against The Supreme, Who Is Stranded Until Izuku And Several Other Students Arrive To Help Him, But The Supreme Has Little Time Before He Runs Out Of Powers. Defeat The Creature To Protect The School.
13In Each of Our HeartsAlthough He Was Able To Defeat Noma, The Almighty Has No Energy Left And Is Defenseless Against Shigaraki, But Izuku Manages To Delay The Enemy Long Enough For The Other Teachers To Arrive And Force Him To Retreat.

When The Remaining Villains Are Captured And The Disciples Are Saved, The Almighty Thanks Izuku For Saving His Life, But Elsewhere Shigaraki Confers With His Master, Implying That Their Enmity Against The Heroes Is Just Beginning.
My Hero Academia Season 1

My Hero Academia Movie

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising (Boku no Hero Academia)

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