My Hero Academia

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
  • My Hero Academia
  • Boku no Hīrō Akademia

Anime Plot Story

The Story Of My Hero Academia Is Set In A World Where Most Of Humanity Has Now Acquired The Ability To Develop Superpowers Called “quirks”, Which Occur In Children Under The Age Of Four: It Is Estimated That Approximately 80% Of The Population Has Quirks. Peace. There Are An Infinite Number Of Quirks, And It Is Highly Unlikely To Find Two People With The Same Ability If They Are Not Related.

Among Humans With Improved Quirks, Some Become Heroes Who Cooperate With Authorities On Rescue Missions And Apprehend Criminals Who Abuse Their Powers, Commonly Known As Villains. In Addition, Heroes Who Perform Their Duties Admirably Receive Celebrity Status And Are Recognized As “Professional Heroes”.

The Series Focuses On Izuku Midoriya, A Young Man Who Dreams Of Becoming A Hero Despite Being Bullied By His Cruel Childhood Friend Katsuki Bakugo For Lack Of Quirk. Both Youths Idolize One Of The World’s Greatest Heroes, The Almighty, Whom They Both Dated, And Izuku Was One Of The Few Who Knew Of The Critical Trauma Almighty Was Hiding From The Public Eye In Order To Maintain Morale.

Hashem Also Reveals The Nature Of His “One For All” Quirk And Hands It Over To Izuku To Replace Him When He Sees A Young Man’s Determination In The Face Of Danger. Izuku Begins His Journey To Become A Hero By Visiting Oa. High School, Along With Bakugou And The Friends They Make In Class 1-a, One For All Users’ Nemesis All For One Set Up Their Student Tomura Shigaraki To Destroy The Current Society And Its Heroes.

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