All Might

Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • All Might
  • Toshinori Yagi
  • オール・マイト

All Might About

  • About
    • Age – 53 – 59
    • Birthday – June 10
    • Sex – Male
    • Height – 7’2″
    • Weight – 560.0 lbs
    • Quirk – One for All

All Might Background

Toshinori Was Taught By The Seventh One For All User, Nana Shimura. It Was She Who Passed On “One For All” To Toshinori. However, She Sacrificed Her Life When All For One Was Attacked. After That, Toshinori Was Taught By Nana’s Close Friend Gran Torino, Who Was Also His Homeroom Teacher In The Uae. Academy. After Graduation, Toshinori Went To Study In The United States, Where He Met David Shield And Then Melissa Shield. Eventually, Toshinori Returned To Japan To Continue His Heroic Work, Becoming The Symbol Of Peace And Hero Number 1 As Almighty.

The Crime Rate Fell Below 6% Thanks To The Almighty, But All For One Still Existed. Toshinori Acquired A New Partner In The Person Of Sir Night-eye, Who Became The Brain Of Their Partnership. Ultimately, Hashem Fought All For One And Defeated Him, But At The Cost Of Serious Injuries That Permanently Diminished His Use Of One For All. Although The Almighty Refused To Leave The Post Of Hero # 1 And Symbol Of Peace, He Knew That He Needed A Successor For “One For All”. After 5 Years, He Became A Professor At The W.a. Academy In Order To Find Her Successor.

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It Was After These 5 Years That The Almighty Met Izuku Midoriya, A Little Boy Born Without Quirks. Initially, Toshinori Told The Boy That It Might Not Be Possible For Someone To Become A Hero Without A Quirk. However, After Seeing Young Midoriya Risk His Life To Save Katsuki Bakugou’s Classmate From The Villain, Toshinori Realized That He Had Found His Successor.

Toshinori Passed On One For All To Midoriya And Helped The Boy Learn To Deal With The Quirk. Even The Fact That Midoriya Was Accepted Into The Uae. Helps. Academy. However, Threats Against Midoriya, Uae, Continued To Exist. Hero Academy And Society Like The Rise Of The League Of Villains And The Return Of All For One. While Toshinori Continued To Teach And Train Midoriya To Become The Greatest Hero Despite The Villainous Threats, His Time As Almighty Continued To Dwindle.

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Eventually, All Might Entered Into A Rematch With All For One. After A Long And Difficult Battle, Toshinori Was Victorious. However, The Battle Cost Him The Last Remnants Of One For All, Ending His Career As a Hero # 1, And Symbol Of Peace. Despite All This, Toshinori Devoted The Rest Of His Time To Teaching And Developing Izuku Midoriya So That He Would Become The Next Symbol Of Peace.

All Might Death

The Almighty Is No. 1 Hero, And The Symbol Of Peace. He Is Known For Regularly Saving The Day With A Smile On His Face. In His Heroic Form, The Almighty Is A Very Tall And Muscular Man Whose Design Is Reminiscent Of Classic American Superhero Comics. There Are More Shadows On His Body Than A Normal Person.

However, In His True Form, He Appears To Be Severely Underweight. During A Meeting With The Villain Five Years Ago, He Received Life-threatening Injuries. The Medical Procedures That Saved His Life Made Him Extremely Fragile. Now He Can Only Serve As A Hero For Three Hours A Day, As His Body Can No Longer Withstand Stress.

Anime  My Hero Academia

The Almighty Once Again Meets All For One, The Enemy Who Inflicted A Mortal Wound On Him During The Vault Raid Arc. After An Uphill Battle, Almighty Manages To Defeat All For One But Ends Up Using All Of His Remaining Power, Ending His Hero’s Career Once And For All.

Does All Might Die ?

No, All Might Didn’t Die But He Retires From His Pro Hero Job. In The Final Battle, The Almighty Will Fight All For One, Giving Most Of His Quirk To Deku. He Fights A Villain, In Part Because He Is Forced To Protect Random People Trapped In The Area.

However, All Might (Toshinori) Can Collect The Remaining Few Drops Of One For All By Transferring All Of His Power Into One Hand And Attacking All For One With It. Ultimately, Hashem Wins But Officially Resigns Once His Nemesis Is Securely Locked In Tartarus.