Ergo Proxy

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
  • Ergo Proxy
  • エルゴプラクシー

Ergo Proxy Explained

The Domed City Of Romdo Is Home To One Of The Last Human Civilizations On Earth. Thousands Of Years Ago, A Global Ecological Catastrophe Doomed The Planet; Now Life Outside These Domes Is Virtually Impossible.

Anime  7 Seeds

To Accelerate The Recovery Of Humanity, Autoreivs, Humanoid Robots That Help People In Their Daily Lives, Were Created. However, Autoreivs Have Begun To Contract A Mysterious Disease Called “Cogito Virus” That Gives Them Self-awareness.

Relee Meyer, The Granddaughter Of The Ruler Of Romdo, Is Tasked With Investigating The Phenomenon With Her Autoreiv Partner Iggy. But What Starts Out As A Routine Investigation Quickly Turns Into A Conspiracy As Reel Confronts Humanity’s Darkest Sins.

Anime  Chikyuugai Shounen Shoujo

Elsewhere In Romdo, Autoreiv Specialist Vincent Lowe Also Has To Deal With His Demons As Surreal Events Unfold Around Him. Reel, Iggy, Vincent, And Autoreive’s Child Pino Will Form An Unlikely Faction As They Struggle To Uncover Romdo’s Secrets And Ultimately Discover The True Purpose Of The Mythical Creatures Called The Proxies.

Anime  Record of Ragnarok

Ergo Proxy Characters

  • Main Characters
    • Mayer, Re-l
    • Ergo Proxy
    • Pino
    • Law, Vincent
  • Supporting Characters
    • Iggy
    • Creed, Raul
    • Yumeno, Daedalus
    • One, Proxy
    • Proxy, Monad
    • Proxy, Kazkis

Ergo Proxy Episodes

Ergo Proxy Has A Total Of 23 Episodes.

No.Episode Title
1“Pulse of Awakening / awakening”
2“Confession of a Fellow Citizen / confession”
3“Leap into the Void / mazecity”
4“Signs of Future, Hades of Future / futu-risk”
5“Recall / TWILIGHT”
6“Return / homecoming”
8“Light Ray / shining sign”
9“Brilliant Shards / angel’s share”
10“Existence / cytotropism”
11“In the White Darkness / anamnesis”
12“When You’re Smiling / hideout”
13“Conceptual Blind Spot / wrong way home”
14“Someone Like You / ophelia”
15“Live Nightmare Quiz Show, 1 Million Yen in 30 Minutes! / WHO WANTS TO BE IN JEOPARDY!”
16“Dead Calm / busy doing nothing”
17“Never-Ending Battle / terra incognita”
18“Sign of the End / life after god”
19“The Girl with a Smile / eternal smile”
20“Sacred Eye of the Void / Goodbye Vincent”
21“The Place at the End of Time / shampoo planet”
22“Bind / bilbul”
23“Proxy / deus ex machina”
Ergo Proxy Episodes