Angels of Death

Rating: 3 out of 5.
  • Angels of Death
  • Angels of Slaughter
  • Satsuriku no Tenshi
  • 殺戮の天使

Angels of Death Plot Story In English

Rachel “Ray” Gardner, 13, Was Hospitalized For Consultation Following The Murder Of Her Parents. However, She Wakes Up To Find Herself In B7’s Basement With No Memories Other Than Her Name And The Reason She Was Admitted To The Hospital. A Series Of Mysterious Broadcasts And Scrawled Messages On The Wall Creates A Play Scene In Which Each Participant Is Assigned A Separate Floor, And Anyone Who Invades Another Participant’s Floor Has A Chance Of Being Killed.

Ray, Who Does Not Know The Details, Is Nearly Killed By Serial Killer Isaac “Zach” Foster, Owner Of B6, And Is Captured By Daniel “Danny” Dickens, Owner Of B5, And The Doctor Who Examined Her. Danny, Who Has A Manic Obsession With His Eyes, Dreams Of Rachel’s Blue, Once Empty Eyes. During This Time, Ray Regains The Memory Of The Night Of The Murder, Just Like Zack Kills Danny For Her But Spares Ray After Losing Interest Due To Her Lack Of Emotion.

Since Zack Killed Someone Who Was Not On His Floor, The Broadcast Calls Him “victim” Along With Ray, And They Can Be Killed By Any Floor Master. The Two, Now In The Same Situation, Form An Alliance In Which Zack Can Use His Intellect To Escape, Thereby Fulfilling Ray’s Desire To Be Killed By Him.

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Ray And Zach Continue To The Upper Floors To Find Their Way Out, Defeating Two Other Floor Masters, Edward “Eddie” Mason In B4, A Boy With An Unhealthy Grave Obsession, And Catherine “Cathy” Ward In B3, A Sadomasochistic Former Prison Warden, In The Process When Zach Is Wounded During His Battle With Katie, Ray Meets The Reverend Abraham Gray In B2, Who Turns Out To Be The One Who Developed The Game To Figure Out The Definition Of “Religious Faith” In The Hearts Of The People, Appointing Various Gender Masters As “angels” Who Are Not Afraid To Kill Without Hesitation.

Although Gray Allows Ray To Return To B5 To Get The Medicine, She Must Take A Test To Determine Her Identity Before She Can Move To The Next Floor. Meanwhile, Returning To B2, Zack Discovers That Danny Is Still Alive, The Latter Faking His Death. Ray Is Forced To Confront His Selfishness In A Test, But Survives To Save Zach By Convincing Himself That He Is Her God.

When The Duo Arrives At B1, They Find Themselves In A House Filled With Artificial Flowers And The Couple’s Stitched Corpses, Causing Ray To Go Into Hysterics And Desperately Demand That Zach Kill Her Immediately. Danny Then Tricks Zach Into Leaving Ray Alone In The Room And Locking Him Up, Forcing Zack To Search The Floor To Find Out The Truth About Ray. With Gray’s Help, Zack Discovers That Ray Was Suffering From Her Parents’ Terrible Relationship, And Both Were Subsequently Killed, Her Mother Killed By Her Father, And Her Father Killed By Ray. After That, She Sewed Their Corpses Together To Form Her New “ideal Family.”

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While Consulting Her At The Hospital, Danny Became Interested In Her Empty Blue Eyes And Used His Power As An “angel” To Lead Her To B1, Making Her The Master Of The Top Floor. However, Upon Discovering The Bible, Ray Was Unable To Cope With The Realization Of What She Had Done, So She Had Suicidal Thoughts And Her Memory Was Erased, For Which Danny Sent Her To The Floor B7 In The Hope That She Would Return To Her “Original” Himself.

“When Zack Discovers The Truth, Ray, Realizing That Zach Will Not Be The God She Desires, Shoots Danny And Tries To Kill Zach By Circling Traps On Her Floor, But He Helps Her Come To Terms With Her Actions, And Both Resume Their Actions. Oath.

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Once They Reach The Exit, Danny Activates The Building’s Self-destruct Sequence And Critically Shoots Ray. However, Before He Can Kill Ray And Zach, Gray, Completing His Experiment, Appears And Kills Danny, Allowing Zack And Ray To Escape Once The Building Burns Down. The Police Then Promptly Arrive And Zach Allows Himself To Be Arrested To Save Ray’s Life.

Zach Is Sentenced To Death For His Murder Many Years Ago, As Well As For The Murder Of Ray’s Parents And Ray’s Kidnapping. Zach Denies Killing Ray’s Parents Or Kidnapping Her, But Confesses To Other Murders. Ray Was Sent To Rehab Due To Obvious Delirium And Attachment To Him. Never Losing Faith, She Pretends To Get Better By Keeping To Her Vow They Made.

A Few Months Later, Zach Escapes From Prison And Breaks Into Ray’s Room To Fulfill His Vow. The Two Then Escape Together, And Ray Again Asks Zach To Kill Her. By The Time The Police Arrived, The Room Was Already Empty, With A Broken Window, A Trail Of Blood, And Zach’s Old Knife Left Behind By A Beam.