Mushoku Tensei

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Mushoku Tensei Anime Plot Story

An Unnamed 34-year-old Japanese Man Named NEET Was Evicted From His Home Following The Death Of His Parents. After Some Introspection, He Comes To The Conclusion That His Life Is Ultimately Meaningless. He Intercepts A Racing Truck Heading Towards A Group Of Teenagers, Trying At Least Once In His Life To Do Something Meaningful, And He Manages To Get One Of Them Out Before He Dies.

Waking Up In The Body Of A Child, He Realizes That He Has Been Reborn In The World Of Sword And Witchcraft. He Decides To Succeed In His New Life, Giving Up His Past Identity For His New Life As Rudeus Greyrat. Due To Inherited Closeness And Early Training, Rudeus Becomes Very Adept At Magic. As A Child, He Becomes A Student Of The Demonic Sorceress Roxy Migurdia, A Friend Of The Half-human Sylphietta, And The Magic Teacher Of The Noble Heiress Eris Boreas Greyrat.

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When Rudeus Finally Feels That He Has Found His Place In The World, A Major Magical Catastrophe Destroys His Nation, Teleporting And Throwing Hundreds Of Thousands Of People From Home – Some To Dangerous Places Or Situations, Resulting In Their Death By Murder, War. , Execution, Attack Of A Monster, Or Blow Of The Elements. Finding Himself Practically On The Other Side Of The World, In A Foreign Country, Rudeus Decides To Accompany Eris Home With The Help Of A Strong Warrior Named Ruijerd Supardia, With Whom He Befriended.

During His Journey Thousands Of Miles Away, Rudeus Is Contacted By A Mysterious Unreliable Creature Who Calls Himself The Human-god, Who Gives Him Dubious Advice On An Unknown Program. After Three Years Of Fighting – Including Defeat At The Hands Of An Incredibly Powerful World-class Warrior Named Orsted – Rudeus Successfully Escorts Eris Home To The Ruins Of His Ruined Homeland. Political Events And Personal Misunderstandings With Eris Kill Rudeus’ Heart.

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Two Years Later, The Erisa Incident Made Rudeus Impotent. He Enters Ronoa Magic University On The Advice Of The Human God. There He Is Reunited With Sylphiette, Who Heals His Impotence, And They Get Married Shortly After. Rudeus Joins His Father’s Quest To Save His Mother, Ignoring The Advice Of The Human God. He Reunites And Develops A Romantic Relationship With Roxy During The Adventure And Takes Her As His Second Wife.

Then He Is Visited By A Dying Future Version Of Himself, Warning Him That God The Man Will Lead To The Death Of All Those Who Are Not Indifferent To Him. To Appease The Human God, Rudeus Feigns An Attempt To Kill Orsted, Who Is One Of The Enemies Of The Human God, But Instead, Rudeus Offers His Allegiance To Orsted In Exchange For Protecting His Family. Soon After, Rudeus Takes Eris As His Third Wife.

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The Series Continues Episodically With A Series Of Story Arcs Based On Rudeus’s Work With Orsted To Ensure The Exact Demise Of The Man-god, As Well As His Daily Life And Growing Family. After A Large-scale Assault On Rudeus’ Life Fails, The Human God Abandons His Plans Against Him, Deciding To Plot Against The Descendants Of Rudeus. Rudeus Lived The Rest Of His Life Peacefully Until His Natural Death At The Age Of 74.